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ASTERO Gear Motors & Controllers

• The gear head and motor should be operated only within its name plate and catalogue; otherwise, electric
shock, injury or damage to a system may occur.
• Keep hands and all foreign objects from the internal moving part of the gear unit and motor; otherwise, electric
shock, injury, fire or damage to a system may occur.
• Damaged units should be taken off-line; otherwise injury or fire may occur.
• Do not remove the name plate.
• Any modifications or alterations of any kind, to the unit, will void the warranty and all subsequent claims

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El variador mecanico Beier® de Sumitomo es ideal para aplicaciones de bajos caballos de fuerza que requieren velocidades variables tales como cintas transportadoras, máquinas empacadoras y todo tipo de máquinas automáticas y procesadoras.

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SM-CYCLO cycloidal reducers and gearmotors are able to withstand shock loads to 500% of their ratings, and we warrant them for two full years.